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US President Barack Obama Row over Obama jobs speech timing

A fresh political showdown looms in Washington as House Speaker Bohner objects to the proposed timing of President Obamas jobs address to Congress.

AT&T and T-Mobile logos US tries to block $39bn AT&T deal

US telecoms giant AT&Ts bid to buy rival T-Mobile USA could face collapse after the US government sued to block the $39bn (£24bn) deal.

  • Storm disaster declared in US
  • Syrian official rails at killings
  • Jamaica kingpin admits US charges
  • Nigeria floods death toll rises
  • Anti-cancer virus shows promise


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  • BCC lowers UK economic forecast
  • Losses widen at struggling Saab

Market Data Wed, 31 Aug 2011 23:58 BST


(min delay 15 mins)Marketwatch Ticker
Market NameCurrent ValueMovementChangePercentage Change
Dow Jones11613.53+53.580.46
FTSE 1005394.53+125.872.39
Cac 403256.76+97.023.07


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Arsenal sign Arteta and Benayoun Mikel Arteta

Arsenal sign Evertons Mikel Arteta for 10m and complete a loan move for Chelsea midfielder Yossi Benayoun.

  • Meireles leaves Reds for Chelsea
  • Morgan shines in England victory
  • Murray opens with solid victory
  • Ngog and Kakuta make Bolton moves
Entertainment & Arts

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George Clooney in Venice Clooney kicks off Venice festival

The Venice Film Festival gets underway later with the world premiere of The Ides of March, a political thriller directed by and starring George Clooney.

  • Release for lost Beach Boys LP
  • Linklater to direct Rove movie
  • Glasgow says goodbye to Brad Pitt
  • James Franco quits Broadway play
  • Weisz film to close London festival
  • Inbetweeners stay top of UK chart
  • Sir Tom Jones leaves hospital
  • Jackson doctors testimony barred
  • Patti Smith accepts Polar prize


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SPL Anti-cancer virus shows promise

A virus has been engineered to selectively target cancer cells, which researchers say could one day "truly transform" therapies.

  • Microchip monitors tumour growth
  • Coral could lead to sunscreen pill
  • Blood sugar check with eye tests call
  • Bird flu fear as strain mutates
  • Bad sleep ups blood pressure risk
  • Body liquefaction unit unveiled
  • Vitamin A could save children
  • Tough action needed on obesity
  • Psoriasis linked to stroke risk


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Apps on iPhone screen Mobile internet use nearing 50%

Almost half of UK internet users are going online via mobile phone data connections, according to the Office of National Statistics.

  • FT pulls app over Apple data row
  • Graphene to boost internet speed
  • British Gas installs smart meters
  • Microchip monitors tumour growth
  • Japanese companies in LCD venture
  • Key computer conservationist dies
  • Facebook pays for security holes
  • Bayfiles to respect copyright
  • Vivendi profits boosted by games
Science & Environment

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Salmon leaping (Image: PA) Healthy Thames attracts salmon

Salmon in the Thames are more likely to be fish that have "strayed" from nearby rivers rather than a result of a multi-million pound restocking effort, a study suggests.

  • Brothers make marmots tom boys
  • Jupiter probes long look back at Earth
  • Microchip monitors tumour growth
  • Coral could lead to sunscreen pill
  • Body liquefaction unit unveiled
  • Bird flu fear as strain mutates
  • Cuts to blunt drilling projects
  • Russia delays manned space flight
  • Most-improved rivers revealed


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En Colombia, las preocupaciones llegan con la lluvia

El país aún no se recupera de los problemas causados por las copiosas precipitaciones de la última ola invernal. Y tampoco parece estar completamente listo para hacer frente al próximo invierno.





ليبيا: الساعدي القذافي يتفاوض وسيف الاسلام يدعو لحرب استنزاف

تصريحات متباينة لابناء العقيد القذافي، الساعدي يقول انه مكلف بالتفاوض مع المجلس الوطني الانتقالي وسيف الاسلام يدعو الى شن حرب استنزاف ضد قوات المجلس.


سیف الاسلام قذافی قول مقاومت داد

سیف الاسلام قذافی پسر معمر قذافی رهبر فراری لیبی قول داده است به نبرد با مخالفان ادامه دهد.

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Top Story

Worshippers in a Taoist temple One square mile of Malaysia

Explore the rich history and customs of Malaysias George Town: a former melting pot for colonial traders, now capital of Penang.

  • Up in the clouds on Lows Peak
  • Strict Islam on the rise in Malaysia
  • A fashonistas guide to Kuala Lumpur

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  • 1: Anti-cancer virus shows promise
  • 2: Tests show fastest plane boarding
  • 3: A sad farewell to the 60W bulb
  • 4: The US economy: A lost decade?
  • 5: US tries to block $39bn AT&T deal


  • 1: Defiant Gaddafi son vows to fight
  • 2: Anti-cancer virus shows promise
  • 3: Bonn prostitutes taxed by meter
  • 4: Tests show fastest plane boarding
  • 5: Madonnas Sex book is most wanted


  • 1: Irans flying boats go on display at sea
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  • 2: Whales yacht landing caught on film
  • 3: The US economy: A lost decade?
  • 4: One-minute World News
  • 5: First flight for flapless plane
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